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Monavie Review – Is It Just A Juice?

MonaVieMonavie launched a juice product in 2005 which sold more than $1 billion in it’s first three years. Certainly some of the sales came about as a result of its network marketing business structure, but $1 billion worth?! Further, its consumers were beyond enthusiastic when it came to the results they were experiencing.

The juice was brought to me for my review and I respectively warned the individual that I have generally been unimpressed with juice supplements. The juicing process generally leaves most nutrients behind in the pulp while the sugar along with only a few nutrients come through with the water.

In recent years there has been much excitement over a small purple berry found only in the harsh depths of the Amazon. This fruit was first brought to the world’s attention by Dr. Alexander Schauss in the early 1990s. He later wrote an excellent book titled An Extraordinary Antioxidant – Rich Palm Fruit Acai from the Amazon.

He found the acai berry had an amino acid profile of an egg, all the essential fatty acids, all the vitamins and minerals (including vitamin B-12 found in no other known fruit) and well over two thousand phytonutrients essential to every cell in the body. But, here’s the catch! This amazing berry was only consumed in the Amazon region because its own enzymes completely decompose the berry within 48 hours after harvesting.

The fruit’s phytonutrients that make it so nutritionally exceptional are extremely sensitive to heart, so spray drying and sun drying essentially destroy the phytonutrients. Dr. Schauss found that even when the freshly picked berries were frozen (even with dry-ice) and shipped back to the U.S., most of their nutritional value was lost. He found the only way to preserve up to 95-99% of the acai berry’s nutritional value was to use a special freeze-drying process that involved freezing the berries at sub-zero temperatures, quickly after harvesting, then subliming (removing) the water using a high vacuum. This costly process preserves the highly sensitive phytonutrients that make the acai berry the most powerful of known antioxidants.

The popular press became aware of acai’s nutritional value and rapidly disseminated the news worldwide. The only problem is they only released part of the acai story. They did not explain that the special freeze-drying process was the only way to preserve the phytonutrients that gave the acai berry its exceptional antioxidant properties.

Consequently, many companies jumped on this potentially high profit berry and created drinks and pills of acai. But, most of these acai concoctions are made from the inexpensive spray dried, sun dried, or frozen acai berries that have destroyed the product’s unique antioxidant value.

However, to my surprise, I found MonaVie is one company that produced a product using acai that is freeze-dried quickly after harvesting. This product would add a significant benefit to your total supplement program, greatly aiding the absorption and utilization of other nutritional supplements due to the acai’s huge inventory of phytonutrients.


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