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Nutrition Myth #3: Polyunsaturated vegetable oils are a healthy substitute.

polyunsaturated vegetable oilNutrition Myth #3: Polyunsaturated vegetable oils are a healthy substitute for animal fats.  The dietary gurus tell us that polyunsaturated oils are good for us and that saturated fats cause cancer and heart disease.  TRUTH:  The best evidence indicates that our intake of polyunsaturates should not exceed 4% of the caloric total, with about 1.5% omega-3 and 2.5% omega-6.

Excess consumption of polyunsaturated oils has been shown to contribute to a large number of disease conditions including increased cancer and heart disease, immune system dysfunction, damage to the liver, reproductive organs and lungs, digestive disorders, depressed learning ability, impaired growth and weight gain.  At the same time, SATURATED FATS are a BENEFIT to all these disease conditions, but not to the profits of the vegetable oil industry.

One reason the polyunsaturated oils cause so many health problems is that they tend to become oxidized (rancid) when subjected to heat, oxygen and moisture in cooking, extraction and processing.  Rancid oils contain high concentrations of “free radicals” that are extremely reactive.  Free radical damage to the skin causes wrinkles and premature aging, free radical damage to the tissue and organs sets the stage for tumors, and free radical damage to the blood vessels initiates the buildup of plaque.  Is it any wonder that studies have shown a high correlation between cancer and heart disease with the consumption of polyunsaturated oils?  New evidence even links these free radicals with arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s and cataracts.

Problems associated with polyunsaturated vegetable oils is further exacerbated by the fact that most of the oil is omega-6 with very little omega-3.  The omega-6 increases the INFLAMMATORY response throughout the body.  This increases the tendency to form blood clots, high blood pressure, irritation of the digestive tract, depresses immune function, increases sterility, cancer, heart disease and weight gain.

A number of researchers are concerned about the high omega-6 and low omega-3 ratios in the American diet.  Omega-3 is necessary for cell oxidation, for metabolizing important sulfur-containing amino acids and maintaining proper prostaglandin balance.  Deficiencies in omega-3 have been associated with asthma, heart disease and learning deficiencies.  Commercial vegetable oils contain very little omega-3 and large amounts of omega-6.

The demonization of saturated fats-which many people are trying to avoid-are NOT the cause of our modern diseases.  In fact, they play many important roles in the body’s chemistry.

The scientific evidence honestly evaluated shows saturated fats to be healthy and polyunsaturated oils to be unhealthy.  It’s time to break away from the false dictates funded by the powerful food cartels and embrace the truth from research independently funded.

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