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Nutrition Myth #1: Natural Saturated Fat Is A Villian.

Nutrition Myth #1: Natural saturated fat in our diet is a villain.  The conventional dictates say saturated fats in the diet are a heart risk factor.  They say to replace saturated fats (meat, lard, dairy) with polyunsaturated vegetable oils.  TRUTH:  Saturated fats are essential for a healthy heart; also, they are necessary for the brain, bones, liver, lungs, and kidneys and for necessary stiffness of cell membranes.  Let’s elaborate.

The BRAIN CELLS are nourished when you eat saturated fat.  When you don’t eat enough saturated fat, the chemistry of the brain can be compromised.  For instance, a study showed that rats given vegetable oils low in saturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids had more strokes and shorter life spans.

Proper BONE structure requires saturated fats.  A study showed that for calcium to be effectively incorporated into the structure of bone, at least 50% of dietary fats should be saturated.  With the focus on low saturated fat diets, its no wonder osteoporosis is on the increase.  Enjoying butter and coconut oil in your diet is HEALTHY.

LIVER problems have become more common as people have followed the dictates to lower dietary saturated fats.  Why?  It’s textbook biochemistry; saturated fats protect the liver from toxins. So, as people have shunned saturated fats in favor of polyunsaturated oils, liver problems have increased.

The LUNGS cannot work properly without adequate saturated fat in the diet.  This is because the fatty acids in the fluid that enables the lungs to function are normally 100% saturated.  When people consume a lot of hydrogenated fats and polyunsaturated vegetable oils in place of natural saturated fats, the lungs cannot work effectively.  Recent research has shown the replacement of these fats for natural saturated fat has contributed to the rising incidence of asthma.

Normal KIDNEY function, which is critical for managing blood pressure and filtering toxins from the body, requires omega-3 fatty acids, saturated fats and cholesterol all working synergistically together.  Substitution of polyunsaturated oils for saturated fats in rats’ diet resulted in injury to the kidneys as well as the brain.

Saturated fats maintain CELLULAR INTEGRITY throughout the body.  Ideally, every cell membrane is made up of about 50% saturated fat.  When we eat too much polyunsaturated oil and not enough saturated fat, our cells do not have the necessary “stiffness” or integrity to work properly.  That is, the lack of sufficient saturated fat causes the cell walls to become “floppy” and cannot work properly.

The HEARTS preferred food is saturated fat, which is why there is a concentration of saturated fat in the tissues surrounding the heart.  Saturated fatty acids in the diet lower a substance in the blood called Lp(a), which is a predictor of heart disease.  Furthermore, saturated fats help reduce c-Reactive Protein which is an indicator of inflammation.

It is clear that the villain is NOT saturated fats, but those who dictate to reduce it in the diet.  So eat butter, meat, eggs and coconut oil (all rich in saturated fat) and BE HEALTHY!!!

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