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Nutrition Myth #9: Raw milk is not safe.

raw milkNutrition Myth: #9: Raw milk is not safe and should be banned in all states.

TRUTH: People have been SAFELY drinking milk directly from pastured cows and goats for centuries.  It wasn’t until the filthy FACTORY FARM DAIRIES that milk became unsafe and even caused deaths (see myth #7).  Pasteurization of this milk was the only way it could be safely consumed.  But, pasteurization essentially renders the milk DEAD for any health benefits.

However, cows and goats FREELY grazing in green pastures, as God intended, produce healthy milk.  This milk is safe to drink without pasteurization (raw milk). Furthermore, raw milk dairies are REQUIRED to follow STRICT SAFETY STANDARDS and are carefully monitored by the government.  But, now you may ask, “Why then is raw milk banned from being shipped across state lines and forbidden to be sold in some states?” This question begs an honest answer! It’s all about BIG MONEY not our health. The factory farms are a HUGELY PROFITABLE business making billions of dollars for the food industry. The small farmer producing healthy raw milk began to cut into these profits and something had to be done. Pressure and possibly even money, from the PROFITABLE FILTHY FACTORY FARMS, produced legislation banning interstate shipment and sale of raw milk in many states.

So, what makes RAW MILK so healthy? Like other raw foods, there are many healthy enzymes and bacteria (beneficial intestinal flora) that help repopulate the intestinal tract and aid in digestion. When a raw food is heated the enzymes and bacteria are DESTROYED. This is very sad in the case of raw milk since some of the enzymes help digest the milk while others protect the raw milk from harmful bacteria. Many people who cannot tolerate pasteurized milk have no problems when consuming raw milk.

Milk fat, along with coconut oil, is highly saturated and comprised mainly of short and medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids have antimicrobial properties which protect the gut from viruses, yeasts and disease producing bacteria. They also contribute to the health of the immune system and are directly absorbed into the mitochondria for quick energy. Milk from pastured cows contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which has strong anticancer properties.

Don’t fear the saturated fats in pastured raw milk. They are EXTREMELY HEALTHY and benefit the heart, brain, bones, liver, lungs and kidneys, while adding necessary stiffness to cell membranes. These fats also aid in the absorption and assimilation of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Another feature of raw milk is that IT IS A COMPLETE FOOD. It has all the necessary fat and water soluble vitamins and minerals, while the milk protein contains all 8 essential amino acids. Pasteurization alters the proteins tertiary structure rendering them difficult to digest and somewhat toxic; it also destroys some of the very important delicate vitamins. In its natural whole raw state, nature created milk to be a complete food for raising healthy calves. When fed pasteurized milk the calves become malnourished and often die.

No one would consider using pasteurized milk as a medicine. In fact, milk is considered mucous producing and is often avoided when sick. Yet, RAW MILK has been used to treat serious chronic diseases. Years ago, it was used to heal the sick and nourish millions of people.

These facts should make it obvious that raw milk is SAFE and NUTRITIOUS. Along with many people worldwide, I was raised on raw milk that was poured directly from the farmer’s pail into our gallon jug. It was rich with cream and very delicious. Raw milk has a natural creamy sweet taste. It was common for my mom to feed me warm raw milk when I was sick. This healthy food is now demonized by the government and its supply SEVERELY CURTAILED in the United States. HOW SAD!

It’s time our legislators rallied around the peoples’ health and not the profits of big business. Bring back the small farmer and begin distributing the HEALTHY RAW DAIRY PRODUCTS nationwide. At the same time, let’s stop the use of NPK fertilizers that strip the soil of its minerals and bring back the natural fertilizers that produce healthy vitamin and mineral rich foods. Use governmental farm subsides for these purposes. Such practices can restore the health of our nation and the modern world.

Want more support information regarding Nutrition Myth #9, check out this video: The Demise of Raw Milk and visit

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One Response to “Nutrition Myth #9: Raw milk is not safe.”
  1. Kami says:

    I absolutely agree! I drive ridiculously far for raw milk each shopping day.
    At times I wonder what is wrong with me. ;)

    My older sister was a dairy farmer for years, they always drank their milk raw and her kids are some of the healthiest I know. Granted, they grew up on a farm and did a fair amount of running around, but, we are what we eat….and raw milk is liquid gold, in my opinion.

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