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Margarine – A Conglomeration of Chemicals

margarineDo you REALLY know what makes Margarine?! You’re not going to believe what you’re eating!

Hydrogenating polyunsaturated oils converts them into margarine and shortening.  The manufacturers use the cheapest oils, which are canola, corn, cottonseed, and soy, that have been partially oxidized to toxic oils from the high temperature extraction process.

Soap-like emulsifiers and starch are added to the hydrogenated oil to give it better consistency.  Then the products UNPLEASANT ODOR is removed with steam at high temperatures.  The margarine is then BLEACHED to remove its unappetizing gray color.  Finally dyes and ARTIFICIAL flavorings are added to make it resemble butter.  This concoction is packaged in blocks or tubs and sold as a healthy food by the marketing genius of the food processing industries.

Let’s stop and think for just a moment: a polyunsaturated vegetable oil, already made partially toxic from high temperature extraction, is mixed with very fine metal particles and hydrogenated with hydrogen gas at high temperature and pressure.  The resulting solid mass (including some metal particles) is infused with emulsifiers and starch, followed with steam cleaning and bleaching.  To make this mass palatable, dyes and strong flavors are added.  Then wa-la!  We have margarine!

Meanwhile, the brainwashed public tends to ignore the shelf with HEALTHY natural wholesome butter and reaches for this UNHEALTHY synthetic conglomeration of chemicals as their preferred spread.

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3 Responses to “Margarine – A Conglomeration of Chemicals”
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  2. Kami says:

    I remember being greatly disturbed when we were learning the mechanism of hydrogenation in organic chemistry. A health-nut at that point, it still took me a little bit to realise that what I was memorizing is exactly the same process used on sub-par vegetable oils for many foods people eat. YUCK!

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